10  Unique Baby Names You Will Love


The name of this Arabic girl means “feel safe.” Muhammad's mother's name. Choose Aamina, Aaminah, or Amina for a unique spelling.


The Italian word bella, meaning lovely, and the German word lind, meaning gentle, may have inspired this name. 


The term Chantria was popularized by poet Alexander Pope in the 17th century. The Khmer name for this girl means "moonlight." A magical option for your girl.


Italian Cynthia sounds distinctive because it's pronounced with a ch sound. Originating in ancient Greek, Cynthia means "woman from Kynthos." 


Cressida, a Trojan woman, left her boyfriend. Based on this, Shakespeare wrote Troilus and Cressida


This is the female version of Dion, short for Dionysios, the Greek wine deity. You don't have to love wine to love this unique name for your daughter.


This Japanese name means “spring child,” making it ideal for spring-born daughters. Can be reduced to Yoko or Youko


This Arabic name means “right guidance.” Also spelled Huda or Hooda.


This Arabic-derived Swahili name means "faith." Inez. It's the English form of Ines, Spanish for Agnes, which signifies "chaste."

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