3 DIY Small-Space Garden Ideas 

Have you ever heard that growing a tiny garden is similar to writing a short narrative rather than a novel? I hadn't thought of it until Los Angeles designer Adam Sirak mentioned it, and I think it's amazing. 

"Some people might think they can't have an amazing garden or that it's not worth the trouble because they don't have a big space," Sirak said. 

"But a small space only means you have to take all your ideas and distill them down to a concentrated big idea."

 He goes on to say that, like with a short tale, there is no room for filler, and that each choice must be considered in connection to the overall.

However, we aren't all experienced landscape designers, and a garden the size of a postage stamp can be overwhelming

 As a result, we asked the experts what they would do in the following scenarios: a little backyard, a patch of earth, and a small patio or balcony. 

"A postage stamp-sized garden can easily become your go-to cozy space," explains Dani Coulter of Collecting Flowers in San Francisco. "Remember that your small garden space has the ability to be 'zoned out,' which will make it feel larger," she said.  

The Tiny Backyard 

Coulter recommends constructing a fragrant meadow with plants like blue fescue, Lomandra, Salvia, Santolina, and Artemisia if you have a piece of ground to work with.

The Patch of Dirt 

"When it comes to a balcony," says Christian Douglas of San Francisco, "the most important question is: Can you grow vegetables, how, and what should you grow?"

The Balcony or Patio

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