Bagels, muffins, and more are the 3 worst carbs that experts say will'spike' blood sugar and weight. 

Simple and complex carbohydrates provide energy to the body. Refined, processed carbs like sugary snacks and white bread can cause rapid blood sugar rises. Over time, these variations might increase appetite, cravings, and weight. 

Jesse Feder, RDN, CPT, told us about three of the worst carbs for blood sugar and weight. Bagels, muffins, and candies should be avoided, according to Feder. 

Bagels are manufactured from refined wheat flour and lack fiber, creating a quick blood glucose rise. This rise releases insulin to regulate blood sugar, which may boost fat accumulation. Bagels are heavy in calories, so they may not give you the same feeling of fullness as fiber-rich, nutrient-dense foods. 


Bagels are highly refined carbs with 50g per bagel. They usually use high-glycemic flour, which digests quickly and raises blood sugar. Bagels' high carb content adds hundreds of calories, which might cause weight gain "Ferdin. 

Due to their high sugar and refined flour content, muffins, a popular snack or breakfast, can raise blood sugar and weight. The refined carbohydrates in muffins break down into glucose fast, raising blood sugar. The release of insulin to regulate blood sugar may increase fat storage over time. 


Munchkins are heavy in processed carbs, sugars, fats, and calories. High sugar and carb intake can raise blood sugar. "High calorie and fat content can add hundreds of calories and cause weight gain," Feder says. 

Feder notes that "Candy contains primarily carbohydrates, despite popular belief. They are high in sweets and syrups, which can raise blood sugar and weight." 


Candy's sugar rush raises blood glucose, stimulating insulin release to normalize levels. Repeated blood sugar spikes and insulin release may enhance fat accumulation. Candies are also high in empty calories and lacking in nutrients, making them harmful. 

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