3 Zodiac Signs Beat All Odds On January 5, 2024

You might not have planned for a 'power battle' on January 5, 2024, but now that you know, don't say you weren't warned. 

What's happening on today is the transit of the Moon square Pluto, and competing for power and attention is only a minor portion of what's going on.

The clear and present danger appears to be a personal dread of losing control for three zodiac signs.

This may encourage us to cling even more tightly to what we fear losing, or it may instill in us a fear of being abandoned. 

We don't want to be alone because we associate being alone with being 'left behind.'

1. Cancer

Be prepared to go all in when it comes to OCD, and remember that if you're human, you're compulsive on some level, so don't be frightened off by the name OCD. 

2. Leo

You may feel that the intensity of your emotions on this day is almost unfair, as if the day itself is 'against' you. You want to be the one to make the decisions, and when it comes to your life and the new changes

3. Scorpio

You know that on this day, January 5, 2024, you will confront a major challenge, and you will approach it with success in mind. Something in your life need major healing, and in order to heal it, you must be fully present in order to take it all in and process it in reality.

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