According to interior designers, maximalism will give place to "quiet refinement" in 2024.

Interior design in 2024 will be focused on individualism, with a backlash against the advent of AI design, and colors will be influenced by global warming, according to interior designers around the world.

While the trend for locally produced materials and sustainable biomaterials appears to be intensifying

interior designers anticipate that the earthy hues and soft designs exhibited during the epidemic years will fade.

"I'm seeing a growing interest in post-industrial aesthetic and quiet refinement," Becky Carter, head of the eponymous US studio, told Dezeen.

"Maximalism now seems out of touch," she continues. "Even the womb-like softness of the 1970s inspiration we've seen so much of is starting to feel heavy and overdone."

"There's a refreshing air to Halston-esque modernity: simple, unfussy materials, elegantly arranged, detailed, but without excess."

Partner Malene Hvidt of Danish studio Spacon & X argued that the materials used influence the colors used in interiors, saying

"We also try to use colors that emphasize the natural appearance of the material itself, such as treating wood with tinted linseed to preserve the pattern of the grain."

Tim Greer, director at Australian studio TZG, echoed this sentiment.

 "I'm hoping that we will see more natural materials with fewer complex and unsustainable finishes," he went on to say.

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