Courtyard Garden Design Ideas and Tips

Understanding a Courtyard Garden

Courtyards are often level spaces that are wholly or partially encircled by a building or buildings. Understanding the conditions that the situation presents is the key to developing a successful courtyard garden.

Key Features of a Courtyard Garden

Water Features

Water is an excellent addition to a courtyard garden inspired by riad gardens and other historical Islamic gardens. Ponds, fountains, and other water elements can help to add charm to a courtyard setting.


Selecting the appropriate paving or tile material for a courtyard can also make a significant difference. The proper materials will set the tone for the space 

Material Choices

Material selection is especially important for walls and shade structures. It's crucial to consider things like thermal mass and how reflective different surfaces are.

Color Use

Color selection is also crucial. Cooler hues will reflect more light and make things brighter. Dark colors absorb sunlight and are hence warmer.

Reflective Surface

Mirrors or other reflective surfaces can help bounce light around and increase the illusion of vastness in a courtyard garden. However, these should be positioned with extreme caution


Of course, in any constrained garden or courtyard setting, the plants take precedence. Surrounded by the constructed environment, flora is absolutely necessary to ensure that the space has a more tranquil and natural atmosphere.

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