Experts recommend 9 healing plants to have in your home.

Registered clinical herbalists highlight the health advantages of some of your favorite plants, as well as a few to add to a sunny windowsill.

We probably don't need to inform you about the advantages of having your horticultural brood around if you're a plant parent. 

Aloe vera

Many people are familiar with aloe vera as a sunburn relief topical gel.


Jiaogulan, or "sweet tea vine," is a vining plant that may grow indoors if given enough sunlight.


Most people are familiar with lavender because of its perfume and purple flowers, which are frequently used as décor as well as in aromatherapy. 


Mint is a simple herb to grow. In fact, when it's happy, it grows so well that it's best in its own container, since mint will take over any space it's put in. 

Lemon balm

Lemon balm, a member of the mint family, has a sweet lemon scent. 


Moringa has been making waves in the health food aisles due to its antioxidant characteristics, minerals, vitamins, and plethora of potential advantages.


Oregano is frequently used to season pizza, subs, and tomato-based pasta dishes.


Rosemary is a tough Mediterranean plant that prefers full sun and mild weather. 


Thyme is yet another tough culinary herb that also serves as a medicinal plant.

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