Just perfect! Celebrity nail art ideas for your upcoming event

Rushing to a party? Don't forget your mani! Get inspired by celebs like Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeney, who rocked red French tips and crystal-studded nails, respectively. 

For a standout holiday party look, take cues from Jennifer Lopez's glittery gold chrome coffin-shaped nails. It's understated yet glamorous, perfect for bold outfits. 

Chiara Ferragni's navy blue nails with shimmer and celestial elements reflect the New Year's Eve night. Achieve the look with oval tips, navy blue polish, and gold crescent moons and stars. 

Embrace your girly side with a cute bow-manicure inspired by Camila Cabello. Pair a soft pink undertone with bows and pearl appliques for a fun 3-D effect. 

Shay Mitchell's abstract black and white French nail look is perfect for the holiday season.  

Stay on-trend with your manicure by following celebrity nail trends. From red French tips to crystal-studded nails, celebrities like Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeney set the bar high. 

Celebrity nail artists like Brittney Boyce and Tom Bachik work their magic on stars like Megan Fox and Jennifer Lopez. Consider their expertise for your next manicure. 

Looking for inspiration? DIY your party nails with silver glitter, rhinestones, or abstract French tips. Let your nails steal the spotlight and speak volumes about your personal style. 

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