Soap nails are about to be everywhere

Soap nails effectively simulate the effect of squeaky clean nails, taking clean and basic manicure designs to the next level. It takes that new mani feeling (after your nails have been cleaned, buffed, clipped, and filed),

What are soap nails?

Because this is the manicure equivalent of no makeup makeup, your foundation is crucial. And, just as you can't attain no makeup makeup without increasing your skincare game, Soap Nails require you to pamper your nail beds.

How can you create soap nails?

This simple glossy bare mani demonstrates that preparation is everything. Those cuticles are flawless.

Simple soap nails

OPI's Nail Envy in Pink to Envy was used to achieve this squeaky clean soapy tone.

Sheer pink

Nails Inc's Glowing Somewhere was used to create these milky pink soap nails.

Milky pink soap nails

These soft-almond silent luxury soap nails were made with Gelcare's Rose BB Cream (which should only be used by a professional because it requires curing with a UV lamp).

Quiet luxury soap nails

This sheer pink has a flawless finish.

Short squoval soap nails

These highly shiny soap nails appear to be quite fresh and clean.

Glossy pink soap nails

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