This She Shed from Amazon Is the Ultimate Backyard DIY

If you have extra room in your backyard and want to get creative with your own getaway, it's time to think about a woman shed. 

What appears to be a location to store extra tools may actually be anything you want it to be: a well-lit greenhouse, a nature-ensconced office, a crafting station, a nice hangout spot—the choices are limitless

And, thanks to a surprisingly elegant shed we discovered on Amazon, you don't have to start from scratch.

Handy Home Products from Rookwood Shed AT AMAZON, THE ROOKWOOD SHED IS $2,949 We know that this 10-by-18-foot shed is costly, but we can't help but lust over it. 

Imagine floor-to-ceiling shelves on the seven-foot walls for potting supplies, craft equipment, and books—you could even hang a projector screen and use it as an outdoor movie theater.

The opportunity for customisation is where it really shines. There's around 1,164 cubic feet of room to fill, and because the shed doesn't come with shingles or paint (though the siding is factory-primed and ready to go), owners can choose combinations that suit their specific taste. 

 Consider dark and brooding for maximum coziness, brick red or navy with white trim for a traditional design, or a verdant vibe with green accents and a fresh coat of white.

Even if you don't want to go all in on this one, use it as a starting point for your own woman shed/outdoor office/gardening studio. 

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