TikTok's Black Nail Theory Unlocks Instant Confidence

Since the emergence of Indie Sleeze in 2021, Black has been on the rise. 

Following the popularity of Netflix's breakout series Wednesday, everyone desired the adored anti-hero's soft goth style. 

And now everyone is dabbling in the "black nail theory." So, what's with our recent obsession with dark, strong tones?

PureWow spoke with nail expert Michelle Nguyen about the latest trend—and how to do it for yourself.  

Michelle Nguyen is the founder and CEO of PLA, a beauty supplies company that specializes in lash, nail, and aesthetic goods.

The black nail hypothesis holds that painting your nails black gives you cool-girl confidence. 

According to cosmetic expert Monina Wright, a coat of black nail lacquer is designed to be forceful, authoritative, and a little bit terrifying. 

"The look is intended to inspire confidence and empowerment." 

 It allows women to be confident in their own complexion and beauty choices while not allowing others (mainly men) to damage them," PureWow assistant editor Chelsea Candelario adds.  

As Nguyen points out, black is a timeless and versatile color. "Black nails are one of the simplest ways to add a little edge and sophistication to your daily life, even if you don't usually wear dark colors.

Black nails, like the untouchable cosmetics trend, are dramatic and eye-catching, providing an aura of rebelliousness to an otherwise plain look.

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