Vibrant and golden Nail

Nail art has evolved beyond classics like French manicures or nude polish, with artists now creating inventive designs, providing a twist to traditional favorites. 

Some seek chic and minimalist styles, with a touch of uniqueness, while others prefer bold and edgy designs like Goth accents. 

Kintsugi nails, inspired by the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold or silver leaf, celebrate embracing imperfections and turning them into something beautiful. 

Styles include incorporating gold leaf over marble or tile designs, or repairing chipped nails with gold or silver accents, symbolizing resilience and healing. 

Designs range from pastel and gold harmony to blue and white elegance, jade and gold with an edge, chic pink with gold details, subtle green and gold, and marble designs with added luxury from gold detailing. 

Begin by shaping, buffing, and pushing down cuticles. Apply a base coat for a solid foundation. 

Experiment with various colors, considering neutral tones for a metallic design stand-out or bold tones for vibrant contrast. 

Use a fine-tipped brush and metallic lacquer to paint small, irregular lines resembling lightning bolts or intentional cracks.  

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