What is Tuxedo Manicure? 7 Best black and white nail polishes to rock the trend in 2024

Tuxedo manicures have conquered the glam world with their sleek and classy finish, and they are poised to be one of the top beauty and fashion trends in 2024. 

What Are Tuxedo Nails?

This nail lacquer guarantees superb nail color and is ideal if you enjoy changing your manicure every week. A brilliantly polished white, it pairs nicely with your favorite black lacquer for the ultimate tuxedo manicure.

1) O.P.I Funny Bunny White Nail Lacquer

This basic black nail color is ideal for a tuxedo manicure. It contains a fast-drying composition and can last for up to seven days without chipping or peeling. You can use this basic black alone, as an accent for nail art, or in conjunction with white to create intriguing tuxedo designs.

O.P.I Black Onyx Nail Lacquer

You can't go wrong with Glam Mani Pedi Black Nail Lacquer, no matter what appearance or style you're looking for. This sensual and slinky nail color will make you stand out in a crowd as you show off your tuxedo manicures. 

Glam Mani Pedi Night Buzz-Black Nail Lacquer

Essie's Blanc White Nail Polish is an excellent white nail polish option. It's a traditional nail color with rich opacity and faultless coverage, making it ideal for both French and tuxedo manicures.

Essie Blanc White Nail Polish

With its quick-drying formula that saves time, this white nail paint is a game changer. It provides long-lasting color with no flaking or chipping. Its large brush makes application quick, easy, and smooth. 

Sally Hansen's White On Time Insta-Dri Nail Color

This nail polish has beautiful color and a salon-like finish. It dries quickly and lasts a long time. It dries quickly, preventing smearing, and its long-lasting composition protects against peeling, chipping, and fading for up to two weeks. 

Dazzle White Lightning Dry Nail Lacquer

This nail polish has a high-quality black cream finish. It's long-lasting and highly pigmented, resulting in a rich and vibrant color. Its quick-dry composition is long-lasting and chip-resistant.

LeChat Dare to Wear Nail Polish - Black Velvet

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