What The Tarot Predicts The Entire Year Of 2024 Will Be Like For Each Zodiac Sign


You've experienced heartbreak and pain, some of which seems self-inflicted, but you know it's all part of healing. Your healing comes from your distant past, and you've carried it too long.


No longer do you feel comfortable in your surroundings; you've accepted life. It alters. You shown your ability to adapt to new environments. You mourn the old days, but you've learned that no matter what, you rise like a star. 


In 2023, you launched something that gave you the best money and communication advice ever. Because you perceive past mistakes as perfect lessons, you won't repeat them. 


You can now decide whether to pursue what didn't work last year. You didn't get what you wanted, therefore you have to decide if you want to pursue something that wasn't meant to be. 


You've learned that you must become 'the genuine thing' to get people's respect. That was your major lesson last year. You believed you could get away with personality alone without using truth to support your'story', but you've learned that people aren't stupid. 


Despite unrequited love, you know you must leave so much. You consider 2024 a new chance to fix things. While you've become resentful about'resolutions,' you'll realize you must think positively about this new year. 


2023 likely concluded with a failing relationship. Love was there, and as you and your partner enter the new year, you don't want it to be awkward. 


2023 taught you that your work pays little because you didn't demand more. Not just money, but creativity. Work is fun and you're good at it, but you know you're underappreciated. 


The past has only the finest lessons you'll ever learn, and the best part is that you've learned them all. That doesn't mean wisdom is gone, but you've learned so much, both good and bad, that you may draw on it in the new year. 


The past has proven you there's no going back. You've had enough terror and loss from the past. After taking the signal, you think positively and behave accordingly. 


Holding onto your money proved you have it. It also showed you that money is meaningless if sitting around being tallied, which you think you've done. Money makes you feel secure. 


This year seems like your own, and that's okay. While you have many ambitions and dreams, you are also working on a research-intensive project. You need solitude to finish. 

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