You’ve Heard Of Clean Girl Makeup. Now The Clean Manicure Is Here

The "clean girl" makeup trend was one of the most popular (and divisive) beauty trends of 2023 on TikTok. 

TikToker @niamhlynchxxxx went viral in 2023 with her compendium of clean nail trends, garnering 1.2 million views

while Google searches for nude nails, basic manicure designs, and nude nail art are displacing bolder summer colors. 

As a self-proclaimed nail enthusiast, I couldn't wait to try out the clean manicure. 

It's a trend I've unintentionally experimented with in the past, however there are a few TikTok-inspired changes to my regimen.

However, nailing the prep is the key to a flawless, clean manicure at home.

The painting is the most difficult part. Begin by cleansing your nail plate with a lint-free wipe and nail paint remover, which you can readily get on Amazon. 

Whether you use a dark or light hue, a base coat is required to safeguard the health of your nails. OPI Natural Nail Base Coat was used.

When it comes to nail art, simplicity means it's lot easier to replicate at home. That doesn't have to be boring.

 According to TikTok and Instagram, there are numerous patterns to pick from, including a simple French tip, exquisite hearts, accent dots, and even tiny, diamanté ornaments. 

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